Social Media Marketing

COGO’s lead development strategy begins with a powerful social media marketing strategy. Social media connects people at a low cost and is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to reach out to existing customers and start a dialogue with new ones.

COGO’s social media experts will develop powerful communication strategies using all of the popular social/niche media channels to drive traffic and generate qualified leads. Our social media marketing program includes:

  • Research – We research all appropriate social media channels for placements and listings including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Development – We then recommend which sites cater to your target audience and develop a customized media plan.
  • Integration – Create a listing or page with your company’s brand and message and all appropriate links on each social media site.
  • Reporting and Maintenance – Each month, we provide a report that details how much traffic was generated from the campaign and make changes and modifications as needed.

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